Sephora VIB Sale shopping list April 2017 edition

I feel a sense of tiredness in general in the appeal community lately. I’ve never seen so lots of anti-hauls and declutters as I have recently. In years past, the most popular topics were hauls and appeal collection posts, but I’m now seeing a trend of the “resistance”.  Maybe it’s just my personal perspective – have you noticed?

Having said that, it’s time for the annual springtime Sephora VIB sale! I finally received the discount card in the mail on Thursday:

It’s starting tomorrow, April 18th and runs until the 24th. I’ve been making these shopping listings for the past few Sephora sales. They’re helpful for me to keep me focused when all the pretties are distracting me.

I haven’t stepped inside of a Sephora store considering that January! last week I made a decision to stop in to see if anything jumped out at me (also, the new revamped Sephora site is annoying).  Here’s what I came up with:

100% probability I’ll get these:

Lavanila The healthy Deodorant in Pure Vanilla – $17
My much-loved non-aluminum deodorant.  One of these lasts me around 5 months and I’ll continue to replenish during VIB sales.

Farmacy new Day gentle exfoliating Grains – $40
I’m about to run out of my small bottle that cat provided me, and I absolutely want to get the full size. but it’s out of stock online ideal now…  I hope they’ll be back in stock in time for the sale!

BITE appeal Agave Lip Balm – $20
I got a chance to try this at the BITE appeal Lip lab on Friday and it is simply amazing.  And look at that attractive tube design.  Just take my money!

Sephora Collection face Mask – $8 each
You know, I still haven’t tried the Sephora brand sheet masks – what kind of skincare addict am I?  I’m interested in green Tea (based on Rachael’s recommendation) and Rose.

50% probability I’ll get these:

Sephora favorites give Me Some nude Lip – $33
I pawed at this set back in January at the store and my friend gotten it. I can’t stop thinking about it – you know what they say about waiting out on an impulse purchase… if you keep thinking about it, then you must just get it! (It didn’t help that Molly over at The Rosey appeal data just picked it up and is egging me on over on IG… I think this 50% chance is inching up to 75% chance that I’ll get this!)

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in amethyst -$35
I’ve been wanting a lot more of these and I was reminded of it again from Ingrid.  This shade is pure perfection!

Ole Henriksen truth Serum – $60
I loved the deluxe sample that I used up and vowed to get the full size.

25% probability I’ll get these:

Hourglass Ambient illumination Powder in dim Light – $52
I have a travel sized version of this (shown here) and I’d like to own the full sized version.  But, I don’t need it ideal this very moment so I might just hold off until the fall sale.

Laura Mercier Translucent loose setting Powder – $47
Everyone raves about this! I need to know what the hype is about… I do still have a couple of jars of loose face powders to work first through.

Buxom Full-On Lip cream in White Russian – $24
So lots of rave about this formula and colour. It was offered out for ages and now it looks like Sephora has a consistent stock of it.

NudeStix Gel color Lip + Cheek Balm – $28
I’ve been curious about this Canadian brand. This gel version seems a lot more hydrating than the original. I’m eyeing either the shade Pulse, Poshe, or Luxe.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss – $21
I’ve heard good things about these. They look really pigmented for a lip gloss. The shades I like are: Victorian, Kristen, and metallic Rose.  Let’s see if I end up liking these a lot more than the ABH eye shadows.

Surratt Artistique Cheek clean and face clean – $125 and $250
Still drooling over these but I’ll wait until the fall sale when the sale is 20% off.

Perricone MD No foundation Foundation Serum – $74
This is so spendy but I’ve been curious about it for a while. I’m thinking this could replace my MAC face & Body (spoiler alert, I’m rounding up some items for a purge).

Farmacy Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask – $75
This is a lot more of a wintertime mask so I’ll wait until later this year.

Along with the discount card, the envelope contained this coupon:

I actually like the carry that they’re giving away this year so I might take on the crowds…

My shopping list is pretty tame but it always seems to be the case for the spring sale. If history is any indication, I’ll not get much now but will go hog-wild come November sale! А вы? will you be hauling from Sephora during the VIB sale? Do you have your shopping list ready? have you tried any of the items that I’ve provided – yay or nay?

Last Friday I was a guest of Cat’s at the BITE appeal Lip lab to create my own bespoke lipstick shades – stay tuned for a post on my experience coming up!  

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Продажа Sephora VIB в апреле 2017 года Haulit’s The Bet of May of May, и обычно я должен иметь свой мусор, но я немного задержан, так как эти выходные были проведены в праздновании дня рождения моего SO. Итак, вот моя продажа Sephora Vib вместо этого. 😉 Как я и ожидал, я не очень много перевезла для продажи VIB Sephora…
1 мая 2017 года “красота”

Sephora Vib Sale осень 2017 года, я публикую о своей продаже Sephora Vib! У меня был ранний доступ, поэтому я смог начать перевозку 3 ноября. После первого окна покупок это то, что я заказал: как указывалось в моем посте в списке покупок, мне действительно не нужно было много вещей. Тот самый…
30 ноября 2017 года “красота”

Sephora Order: Clinique, Surratt, Sephora Collection и т. Д. Были лишь вопросом времени, прежде чем я разместил заказ Sephora! Первоначально меня заманивали в Sephora на последний день предложения двойных очков на уход за кожей – я хотел получить спрей для лиц на лицевой стороне влаги Clinique. Но затем несколько других ноющих битов из моего списка леммингов…
29 января 2016 года “красота”

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