PP12: MAC Eye shadows in All That Glitters, Patina, Satin Taupe, Romp

Yay, it’s lastly a focus on the MAC eye shadow quad! I’m not expected to pick a preferred out of my job pan products (because the other products would get jealous) however I’m going to admit that I like these eye shadows just a teeny small more. Shhhh.

This is a MAC pro combination that I selected each colour myself, they are: All That Glitters, Patina, Satin Taupe, Romp:

Sadly, Romp is discontinued. however the other 3 are still easily available!

Here are the official MAC descriptions for every shade:
All That Glitters: beige w/gold pearl [Veluxe Pearl]
Patina: Taupe brown w/golden pearl [Frost]
Satin Taupe: Taupe with silver shimmer [Frost]
Romp: chocolate laced with gold [Frost]

I don’t believe the MAC descriptions are all that precise for All That Glitters as well as Patina.  All That Glitters is much more of a peachy pink shade, not beige. as well as Patina is much more of a sandy beige rather than a taupe.  Each of these 4 colours appear on my top 10 MAC eye shadow listing – to ensure that tells you exactly how much I like them!

It was appealing to do some comparison swatches (especially of Patina as well as Satin Taupe, because I likely own 3 dupes for them each) however I’ll save that for one more post.

Even within this quad, I do have small preference for Patina as well as Satin Taupe over the other 2 colours. many days I utilize Patina on the inner half of the lid, as well as Satin Taupe on the outer half.  It would be remiss if I do not mention MAC Wedge in this post, because I integrate it as part of my everyday look as the transitional shade to blend out along the crease.

I ought to likewise mention that the MAC pro combination I utilize to home these 4 refill pan shadows is the older style, on the left:

I really choose the older style empty combination as they’re slimmer as well as much more compact.

Last week, I accomplished what I believed was never going to happen: I hit pan on PATINA! That was one of the first MAC eye shadows I ever bought. I believe this is the very first time I ever hit pan on a full-sized eye shadow! МОЙ БОГ! This is what it appeared like when I hit pan last week:

And this is what is appears like now:

MAC pro combination eye shadow refills expense C$8 ($6 USD) each (which is a fairly recent cost drop, before March 2016, they utilized to expense C$12 / $10 USD each).  And the empty 4-pan compact costs C$10 (I believe they utilized to expense double that!)

And the eye shadows went down once again this week (I have truly been digging into these lately):

But, do not fear, because I have back-ups of all the colours except for All That Glitters.

Annoyingly, the Cargo deal with powder hasn’t gone down once again this week:

Please inspect out my job pan buddies for their updates:
• Ингрид курли.
• Джоди сшитого отношения
• Chanelle Chanelle Hayleyyy

If you might produce the ideal quad out of any type of 4 eye shadows (any brand), what would you choose?

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